Electrical Repairs

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Electrical Repairs - Our Expertise

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Here at Carol’s Electric, we approach all electrical repairs with extreme caution. It is important for our staff to conduct each repair safely. Some electrical repairs are dangerous, so leave it up to us to get it done properly and safely.

If you’re in the Chapel Hill, NC area, we can help you with a wide variety of electrical repairs. We can start your repairs with an electrical safety inspection. This helps us better understand what needs to be repaired and the best way to do the repairs.

Our electricians specialize in hi-tech troubleshooting, childproof outlets, shock prevention repairs, and much more! The wiring of your electrical outlets is very important. Some can just be inconvenient, but others can be serious fire hazards or electrocution hazards. We can help you with that electrical repair!

This is why it is crucial to get your electrical repairs done in a timely manner. These problems can be risky hazards to your family and your home. It is important to go to a professional electrician for electrical repairs. That’s what we are here for!

We will thoroughly inspect your home for your electrical repair needs. We will look at the insulation of the wires and for possible corrosion in your service panel. We look for anything that seems unsafe and take care of it!

Home electrical safety is important. We offer surge protection, power conditioners, lighting controls, energy control options and more. There’s nothing we cannot do for you! Give us a call today so we can help you with your electrical repairs!